The use of smoke grenades is prohibited

During the 2021 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, the possession or use of pyrotechnic products in the entire territory of Hungaroring and its immediate vicinity is prohibited.

During the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, the use of any kind of fireworks or pyrotechnic devices for civil use in the entire territory of the Hungaroring is prohibited. Government decree no. 173/2011 (VIII. 24.) on the use of pyrotechnics for civil purposes contains regulations that cannot be overlooked even in the heat of celebration and entertainment. Act II of 2012 on Misdemeanours, Procedure for dealing with Misdemeanours and the Misdemeanour Registration System penalizes violations related to pyrotechnic devices. Whoever disregards the regulations for the production, distribution, storage, transport, use, destruction or possession of pyrotechnic products is liable to a fine of up to 150.000 HUF.​